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Want a custom made illustration, created just for you?

UNFORUNATELY, Commissions are no longer available, UNLESS you are someone I (the artist) personally know. 


If you are, please contact via email with your name/username that I know you by, and how you know me, just in case.  Thank you.  

Commissions for friends, family, and personal associates are always available and cost will be based souly on whatever the customer is "willing to TIP".

  • ALL PROJECTS are DIGITAL, UNLESS customer orders prints and covers printing costs and shipping and handling.  Same with CUSTOM MERCH.


Commission requests maybe declined for various reasons: 

  • TIP amount vs project time and artwork requirements (such as if the project proves to be too complex or just not worth the time and work for the amount offered), 

  • Subject and/or project theme

  • Workload, time, etc. 


Please send in your requests, and I will get back with you and confirm whither the project can be done or not.  Thank you.

Tip via PayPal, Ko-Fi, or Cash in Person

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