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Tiffani Nichole

Born in Louisiana

Lives & works in Shreveport


Tiffani Nichole is a Autistic Artist localized in Louisiana. She has 18 years of experience in Art and 3 years in Commissioning. She studied Mass Communications in College and earned two Associate’s Degrees. Though studies were primarily focused on Video Production and Editing, various skills and knowledge gained are now being applied to Illustration production, such as lighting. She is very dedicated to her craft and will see any project through to the best of her ability. She has various inspirations in anime, manga, video games, comics, and animated movies. Some notable ones are Clamp works—especially X1999 (anime and manga), Final Fantasy and Xenosaga (video games), Elfquest (comics), and The Flight of Dragons and The Last Unicorn (animated movies). It is her dream to produce her own fictional story, one that first started developing in her teens. One day it will come to be. For now, she is constantly working to further develop her skills and crafts, all while striving to reach the point where she can live off of her art.

Tools of the Trade:

Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Pin Tablet

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